Pre-pay credit $50 disappear & incorrect information from rep

1/29/13 I pay $50 prepaid cell credit and use one of my old cell for my Mom when she stay with me in case she needs at verizon store of Fairfield, 1586 gateway blvd.  By the time of paying $50 the representative told me if I did't use the credit rest forever, she assign 707-999-8240 number to me.  But my Mom never use it because she with me.(I paid $50 via my AMEX credit card which I still have record)

Last week, one of my friend from oversea who needs a cell in case of emergency.  So I took the phone & try to make testing call, not working, so I call from my cell to Mom's number 707-999-8240, it answered by a gentleman and surprised me, he told me he uses this number almost for 2 years!!!

So I called Verizon and went to Verizon store to found out why? they told me that the credit I pay disappear after 3 months if I don't use! this answer made me so surprised. And no way they can credit back to me

$50 not a big deal, but as a giant wireless company to taking it not a honesty thing to do, If I been told only good for 3 month then I won't purchase it on 11/29/13.

The Verizon employee didn't give correct info to consumers, as a big company not a good thing to steal customer's small money! can we people stop this!!

The 2nd issue was when I call Customer service number to find out these $50 issue, the rep told me buz I'm a good customer, he can offer me a earlier to upgrade my iphone 5 to iphone 6 plus due to battery bad, I agree and pay the fee, when I received my new iphone, i bring it to same Verizon store, they told me the monthly fee more than the Rep told me, please train your rep better to give consumer correct information, I feel been cheated, so return the phone and back to my old cell.  This is my principle, nothing to do with few dollars different monthly, but would like to do business honestly.

For your info, my family been with Verizon for long time, since 2000 or 2001, we never late for payment, we pay by link to credit card.

8/7/2015 C Wu

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