PrePaid plans and Unlimited Data
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Last spring I told my neighbors they need to drop the local fiber company and switch to Verizon with a Jetpack for computer support combined with phone. I have the unlimited data on the Jetpack with 16GB on the phone and it has worked out great for my needs, replaced 6mbs fiber at less cost!. After being at a remote location (still had Verizon access) all summer I returned and was informed everyone hates me! Seems Verizon changed their 'PLANS' and everyone runs out of data before the first week ends each month. They all went back to fiber after wasting the money on Jetpack devices and the time plus frustration of dealing with the throttling issues. I visited the local Verizon store to find out what was going on just to discover a depressed sales person that said they were sick of trying to explain useless plans and losing customers. I visited AT & T and they are doing the same, useless plans that leave you with cable/Fiber/Satellite for internet access and then phone plans... I can't wait to see a "5G" unlimited data plan! What was my government thinking with 4K TV? I can't stream 4K over the towers and the fiber companies want my first born for enough bandwidth out here in rural U.S.A.   It appears that Prepaid and Postpaid plans have the same throttling issues