Prepaid Activation and Porting

I have purchase a Samsung Galaxy S3 Prepaid from Walmart in Albany,Georgia and I have got my number ported from Straight Talk Wireless. My number have been ported successfully and now my phone will not activate and program to the number I got ported from Straight Talk Wireless. I called the Port Center and they told me that everything is done, but for some reason they cannot create an account for me. They told me that it got lost during one of their system update and they gave me Master and Individual ticket number for them to investigate why they cannot create a profile for me to get my Samsung Galaxy S3 Prepaid to activate under the number I got ported for Straight Talk Wireless. They told me that it on Verizon end, but I been going through this issue for a week and today 10/13/2014 make a week. I do not know what to do. Should I wait for them to investigate or return the phone back to Walmart and get my money back? I need some hope right now because I really need my phone to stay in contact with friends, relatives and colleagues. Verizon is the only carrier I truly like because I never had a drop call by them and the got the best cell phone reception over  AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint and Altell.

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