Prepaid Basic Phones Compatibility

Hello, I am in need of a new phone because my current basic phone is malfunctioning.
I have found a few phones I am considering buying, but I'm afraid they won't be compatible with my prepay basic phone plan.
What I need to know is, what is considered a "basic phone"? I talked to one of the Verizon representatives about this matter on the Live Chat and she said that any phone that is 3G will work with my basic phone plan. One phone I have found that is 3G, but might be considered a smart phone. It is the Motorola Droid X2 3G. It's a old phone that has been discontinued. Does Verizon put the phones that are 3G and below in the "basic phone" category or does the functionality of the phone matter as well ??? The only way to check is if I have the phone physically and can check the MEID. Buying a phone before knowing if it's even compatible is kinda senseless. If anyone can provide any information on this that would be great!!!

Thanks in advance!!!!

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