Prepaid Coverage in Alaska?

I have a prepaid plan that I had back on Alltel before Verizon bought it.  It's a Samsung Razr SCH-R500 model.  I've been using Straight Talk  for a few years now.  I haven't used this phone in ages, but I still keep adding minutes (through Verizon prepaid cards) every couple of months.  The reason I do so is that I usually take this phone with me when I take trips for emergency situations should something happen to my main cell phone.  I will be going on an Alaskan Cruise for a week next June.  The first day we will be in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada for a few hours as we wait to board the ship.  Over the the trip, I will be in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Whittier, and Anchorage.  The day that I'm in Skagway, I'll be spending close to 8 hours in Canada (Yukon Territory).  There are two days when wer are donig scenic crusing In Alaska (Glacier Bay National Park and College Fjord).

I've e-mailed the Straight Talk folks to see if my main phone will work in Alaska, to which they pretty much fed me the line that it probably won't work and that my service would be terminated if I tried to use my phone.  They even told me that they didn't have international phone cards, which is a bold face lie.  From what I've read, I figure my mom might need it to call me since it's for calls originated form the US.  That still didn't answer if my phone would work.  I've gotten mixed reviews from looking up on the internet.  I've seen many Alaskans say that they do have Straight Talk, and it works.  Even on the FAQ's from Straight talk said that certain phones may work depending on the type.  I've looked up the zip code for every town and placed it into Straight Talk, and it came up, allowing me to purchase a phone that would be activated and used in those cities.  It makes me feel like they don't know if their phones will work or not. 

So does anyone have any idea if my prepaid Verizon phone will work while I'm in Alaska (and possibly Canada)?  If it does work, what sort of things should I be looking for?  How fast would my minutes run out due to overcharge/roaming?  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Prepaid Coverage in Alaska?
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Hi thorntonka,

Congrats on your upcoming trip. It is our goal to keep you connected in Canada. We do not have the rates for prepaid global rates.  I would recommend you reaching out to our prepaid team directly at 888-294-6804.

Thanks, BobbyS_VZW
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