Prepaid Intensity 3 not showing balance update anymore?

I keep the Balance Display Bar on all the time. I shows the $ amount that I have left and the date it needs to be added too when my prepaid minutes expire. Sometime recently it stopped updating. I didn't realize it though until it was time to renew (we pay $100/yr. so it rolls over). We paid the $100 and then noticed the renew date had turned RED and didn't update the balance to see the $100 added. Called support they have no clue why it didn't update? If I dial #225 (#BAL) I get a response that has the correct $'s (over $100 more than on the display) and the correct new renew date and a text message with the same data. Went into the store and was told they had seen this once before and couldn't make it work. If I 'google' this I'd find others. Well Google doesn't show any reports.

Anyone else have this and FIX it? I assume the 'rest' of the phone works fine as I can make calls and get texts?

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