Prepaid Iphone 4 doesn't work right out of the packaging.

i just recently ordered the prepaid iphone 4. y'know, because why not? haha. I was using a straightalk phone before this and was getting tired of it(it ran off of T-Mobile servers I believe) so my mom told me about it and im just like sweet i'd gladly rather have an iphone than this. and it was cheaper than the straightalk phone. so I ordered it and my mother ordered one for herself as well. they came in together. and her's worked perfectly fine and is still running fine. mine however, is a different story. I plugged in the charger right away to charge the phone, and it came on, but it said the battery was fully charged. so I unplugged the charger and the screen just completely shut off. and this kept happening, so eventually I just decided to go through the set up with the charger in. got to the part where they tell you to connect to iTunes, and I had to unplug it and hook it into my laptop. turned off again. so I plugged it into my laptop and the apple logo kept popping up like it normally does, and it would just keep turning off and on again. and then I had to put the Iphone into recovery, to restore it. and it wont leave recovery. I downloaded the update for it and everything but it just shuts off when its done and then tells me I need to download it all over again -___- my luck just seems to be pretty bad lately, any ideas on what I should do? and what I can do?

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Re: Prepaid Iphone 4 doesn't work right out of the packaging.
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Take it to a store for a replacement or call pre-paid customer service at (888) 294-6804