Prepaid LG Cosmos 3, can't make outgoing calls

Have already paid for everything, can send/receive texts, I just can't make calls.
Have tried turning phone on/off, taking battery out, charging it a bit more. *223 is another recommendation I have read but this does not seem to help.

I do have signal and I am getting the numbers I want to call right.

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Re: Prepaid LG Cosmos 3, can't make outgoing calls
Verizon Employee

Sbewald, I know I would be just as concerned with not being able to make calls, or send/receive texts. We are here to help out. We recommend reaching out to our teammates over at the prepay department. They can help review your account, and assist with ensuring your phone is able to do all of the above. Please call them from a different phone if possible/ Their number is: 888-294-6804

While navigating the automated system, please be sure to wait for the prompts each time before entering in a numbered selection. The automated system menu prompts you will want to select are: 4, 6, and then 4 again. This will route you to a live person after entering in some account details.

Let us know if you have any additional questions.


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