Prepaid Plan Trouble

So, I received a prepaid phone from a relative and went to purchase a $35 prepaid card to add onto it. After adding the card onto the phone, I still could not use it, so I figured I had to wait on the renewal date before I could use it. It's been a few days since the renewal date and I still can't use it, so I decide to call *611 to talk to a rep., and they inform me that the number used by this phone in the past was used by someone else, even to currently and now I am out $35. Is there any way at all to get a refund back and use it on a new account and number? I feel like I was scammed in a way. Thank you.

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Re: Prepaid Plan Trouble
Verizon Employee

We definitely don't want you to feel scammed at all. We know it's important to get a good value when you make a purchase. So that we understand a bit better, did the representative indicate that you added the $35.00 to the other persons account? Is your relative the person who's account the money went onto? If so, could they reimburse you the money?


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