Prepaid Plans? How does it work?

I am new to prepaid phones and I am a Iittle confused on the "refill" concept.  I know you have to add to your account for your usage but is it necessary to pay every month (before the expiration date?) even though you are not using your phone?  Can someone explain this to me?  Also, anyone who has a prepaid phone with Verizon are you satisfied with the service? Thanks

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Re: Prepaid Plans? How does it work?
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If your using the $15.00 prepaid card that gives you 30 days of service, if you don't use the phone for those 30 days you still have to add another $15.00 to keep it active. If you use the $30.00 card that is good for 90 days so its like getting 30 days free,  As long as you keep the phone active (by putting  money into your account at least the day before or on the day that it is to expire what ever money if in your account will carry over, and the money will keep accumulating up to $1,000.00 Hope this answers your question.

I have had Verizon prepaid service since April  of 2009 and am very happy with the service. I live on a mountain in the middle of the woods and I have never had a problem getting a connection.