Prepaid Pros/Cons?

I've had my Verizon # since 1995 ~ I've been hanging onto my basic 450mins / unlimited Mbl-Mbl, but I can't get away from texting, so it's time to bite the bullet.  Problem is, I'm way cheap.  Color me shocked to find there is a prepaid with 700 mins/month PLUS unlmtd text for $35.  What am I missing??  And how ***** was I to find out I could have been saving $60/yr (+ those $2-3/month for the texts I'm paying for individually).

*Also want to say this:: totally HATE HATE HATE that they had no solution when I complained about incoming texts.  If I have to pay for all in/out texts, I should have the ability to block anyone not in my phone list or the freedom to block ALL texts & a way to create an 'allowed' list.  Nothing more annoying than my husband's dentist TEXTING ME about his appt instead of calling the house like NORMAL people.

But thanks for any guidance towards switching to the PrePaid plans.

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Re: Prepaid Pros/Cons?
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Switching to a pre-paid option may be the route for yo to take, ceecee18.  And you are the only one who can make the determination of whether it is the best plan for you.  Look at your actual usage over the past few months - then look at the pre-paid and post-paid options to see what will be most cost effective for you.

Take into account that if you are on a contract plan now, you will need to complete that contract before moving to a pre-paid plan, or you will be charged an ETF (Early Termination Fee)

PS - I agree that medical offices using a text to remind you of your appointment can be costly, annoying, and unwanted if you do not have a text plan in place.  Although we have unlimited texting, my husband was surprised to get a text about his Dr. appt - he had not been asked if it was OK (that he was aware of).  At the very least, it should be an option, and you should be able to specify if you want a phone call or text reminder.  Blanketly assuming that everyone has a text plan and sending out reminders can (and does, in your case and I'm sure many others) upset people.