Prepaid Service representatives do not actually lower plans.

Dear Verizon Prepaid Representatives,

Your service representatives have promised me a lower rate. Over four months, from  August 2023 to today, I have wasted hours  listen to your representatives make promises they do not keep. I still have your text on my phone and I am sure you have record of my requests though you ignore them. So I am asking you to lower my plan as you agreed and credit my account $105. That is 4 months of overcharges.  I do not want to waste another minute of time speaking to someone who will lie to me. You may call me. 

For the past four months I've spoken to a customer representative EACH of Your REPRESENTATIVES has promised to lower my monthly bill. 

1. 8/15/2023 according to your text you wrote "Be sure to renew your $125 plan by 9/11/2023." 

2. On 9/13 I requested the plan be lowered and was promised that it would be approximately $125. That never happened. It says you updated my plan but that actually increased the cost to $160.

  3. On 10/13 from your representative the price was supposed to be lowered to a 5 gig data account for me and my son's account was supposed to be updated to a lower cost total cost was supposed to be $125. I was billed $160 on 11/11 and my plan was not changed as I had requested. 

4. On 11/12 I noticed my plan has not been changed as you promised from your text of 10/13/23 at 9:50 AM

From August to November I've been promised a $125 plan that you never delivered. You OWE me $35 * 3 = $105 in credit. 

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Re: Prepaid Service representatives do not actually lower plans.
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