Prepaid and 5$ credit

I have had automatic billing since October, and called today to see how I was supposed to get my $5 credit every month for signing up for it. I was told I "opted out" of getting the credit. There was no way to opt out of it, and I would not have done that. Who would not want a credit.  I talked to someone named Adrian, who sounded like he was at a party, and he was extremely rude. He said I would need to change my phone number to get it. That's insane. I had signed up for the prepaid and automatic payments after comparing it to page plus, and went with Verizon as it was the same cost, with the $5 credit. I was also told that verizon does not have anyone else to talk to other than him, no consumer relations, nothing. I want verizon to stand behind the agreement to give me the credit every month. Avid give me a credit for $20 that I should have had since October.

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