Prepaid card on a new phone out of minutes within a minute

I bought the basic Samsung Gusto3 at Walmart along with a prepaid card that ranged from $10-100. I got $30 on it at checkout. In the morning I had the phone activated using my current number on my POSTPAID phone, and it switched over fine. Literally 1 minute after hanging up I get a text that $30 was paid onto my phone. Then 1 minute later I get a text saying I had 0! Either I don't know how prepaid cards work nowadays or literally the activation fee the guy on the phone said would NOT apply to my card, DID apply. So why is it I buy $30 of a CARD and get an activation fee when the guy said there isn't an activation fee for that kind of prepaid card account?!

I'm confused and can't get anyone on the phone to talk to and no one on chat here to be able to talk about this one on one.

Please please help. I need this phone for work by Monday to be accessible by them so they can call me incase of being floated. I call and call the customer service line just to be told I need to get minutes for that phone - even if I'm not on a prepaid PHONE. I used my husband's postpaid phone and STILL was told to buy minutes for the phone I wasn't even on. Please do not tell me I have to buy yet MORE minutes!

And so far as the minutes - How many minutes am I getting on a card? It only goes by dollar amounts!  Is the rate 7cents a minute or 10cents a minute, or what? I just know $30 should expire in 90 days.

Thanks to any help - please!!!

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