Prepaid data usage
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I’ve been told by Verizon for months that you can go to My Verizon and check your data usage or dial #DATA and get a text to recover your data usage. Recently I was told that if you’re a prepaid customer this luxury is not available. This is only available for contract accounts.  The My Verizon app is also NOT for us prepaid customers. Its like I am be discriminated because I chose a prepaid plan.  You can always call Verizon and ask what you have used, but be prepared for a good LONG hold time before they answer. There are also other features that are “locked” in on my phone that are not available due to a prepaid account.

I am very disappointed in the quality of service that I receive from Verizon. I expected much higher quality from a company that advertises to be the best! Smiley Sad

If anyone knows how I can check my data balance without having to call them, please let me know, Thanks

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Go online, create an account and view it there under My Account