Prepaid domestic roaming

I posted a question earlier about prepaid domestic roaming. I wanted to know how much I'd pay for calls, texts, and data in an area within the U.S. marked on the coverage map as "prepaid roaming." I also wanted to know whether I need to do anything before leaving to ensure that I'd be able to roam. A Verizon representative answered by telling me to call the prepaid customer service number (1-888-294-6804) to ask. But when I call this number, there doesn't seem to be any way to speak to a human being. How can I get a human on the line to answer this question?

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Re: Prepaid domestic roaming
Customer Service Rep

zhdk, I understand wanting to know all details surrounding 'prepaid roaming' rates. I want to make sure you get the answers needed. I have sent you a private message to your inbox for me to help further.


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