Prepaid extra data

I never received my extra data when I signed up for the $45.oo pr month plan and auto pay, I tried calling that 888 number they gave us but does not list that ques. and can not contact a person to speak to. I don't want to find a store and have to wait in line to ask this ques.

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Re: Prepaid extra data
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Probably since you just opened the account. You wont receive the 1GB of data for your first month, only when the first Auto-Pay occurs at your second month. From the Smartphone Plan main page:

"*$45 or $60 monthly Smartphone plan req'd. 1GB bonus data applied upon first Auto Pay payment. Bonus data applied per month as long a customer stays active on eligible plan".

If that's not the case you need to call 888-294-6804 and talk to a rep, going to a store will NOT help, even Corporate Stores can NOT access PrePaid plans, they can sell the phones and set up the plan, but beyond that, they can NOT help.