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I'm coming to the USA for a few months in March I wanted to go onto Verizon prepaid but I'm seeing conflicting reports online that Verizon will only activate their own phones bought from them on prepaid. My phone is an iPhone 6 model A1586 it's a CDMA and GSM compatible phone so it will work on Verizon providing I can activate it on your network. Can you confirm I can activate this phone on your prepaid plan if I get the 4G sim activation kit from you ? Thanks.

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Re: Prepaid iPhone 6
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Thank you for mentioning the model A1586, jimbob93. As I know from experience that this phone is capable of being activated on the Verizon Wireless network. The missing piece, of course, will be getting the sim card. One will be provided once you stop by a retail location. Locations can be found here: .

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