Prepaid limits ?

So I've been a Verizon Prepaid customer for several years. About 6 I think. I pay big money for new smart phones about every 2 years. I just upgraded to a new phone for like $700 and am just now finding out the as a Prepaid customer I'm not a good enough customer to get Travelpass, Verizon Cloud or HD Audio/wifi calling.  What other features am I not able to use or access?  I need this information so I can make a good judgement on staying with Verizon or switching to another carrier.

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Re: Prepaid limits ?
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Your customer loyalty is greatly appreciated and we definitely don't want to lose you. I understand your eagerness to take advantage of all the features we offer, however some features are not Pre-Paid compatible. Have you consider switch to a Post- Pay account? Since you have your own device a contract or a Device Payment is not required.

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