Prepaid minutes error

I Recieved a text from verizon a week ago telling that i was out of pre-paid minutes. My phone is not capable to show me own the display screen how many minutes i have. So i text everyone that calls and to let them no that i was out of minutes to find out 5 days later i still had 350 min. The text was an error an under memu view all time it had me taking for over 30 hours and i only have a 500 min plan.  But things were errors that they couldn't do ANYTHING ABOUT

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Re: Prepaid and mobile hotspot, whats the deal?
Customer Service Rep

I apologize for the error you received regarding your minutes mrs.missy. Is it displaying correctly now, or are you still having issues? If you are still having trouble, I would recommend contacting our Prepay department at 888-294-6804, and they will be able to help you get this corrected.

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