Prepaid not working out of state

I currently live in northern Maine and I will be moving to Manchester, NH in a few weeks. I've had many problems trying to navigate through Manchester that has resulted in me getting lost multiple times because of the terrible data I receive down there. I will be in the middle of the city and  my phone will suddenly lose GPS signal. I once sat in a parking lot and watched my GPS locator jump across a river several times. Loading webpages takes minutes, if they load at all.

I'm confused about this because Verizon has a presence in that city. The coverage map on my page indicates that I should be receiving 4G service. Is it because my phone is prepaid? Should I change my phone plan or number?

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Re: Prepaid not working out of state
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We want you to have a fully functional device, Aseel1156. What is the make and model of your device? Have you attempted any troubleshooting to resolve the location issues? You state that your GPS starts to malfunction, how is your signal strength and connectivity?



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