Prepaid phone terminated by Verizon

I've had a phone for many years for my wife to use for emergency's and occasional texting. She is quite happy with it because it was small not a smartphone and had a keypad that slides out for texting. A few years ago we changed the phone to a prepaid plan. I would put $100 dollars worth of minutes and she was goof to go for one year. I would be notified each year by text that we need to replenish. I asked Verizon to just bill me yearly in case we overlooked the text. This year Verizon Verizon replenished and charged my credit card for $100. Unfortunately my wife saw the charge and didn't recognize it. So she disputed the the charge. The phone was shutdown with no explanation or warning. I spend considerable time on the phone and in the Verizon store to have service restored.  I'm told that the phone and the number can never be used again because of fraudulent activity. It's not fraudulent, it was just a mistake. The do not have any phones similar, only smartphones which she doesn't need and are very expensive. Please tell me who I can call in Verizonland that knows how to resolve a simple problem

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Re: Prepaid phone terminated by Verizon
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This is not the type of experience that we want you to have. I want to make sure that you reach the right group for assistance. I highly recommend reaching out to our Prepaid Department at 888-294-6804.


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