Prepaid plan change - duplicate monthly charge taken

When Verizon upped their data on the $45 plan to 1Gb, they did not switch me over automatically. I switched the plan myself on the smartphone app, but immediately got charged a whole new month (even though I was only 3 days into my existing month on the old plan). I am trying to get this duplicate month back but am having a lot of trouble.

I have now called Verizon about 5 times and been on online chat 3 times to sort it out. Finally, a supervisor called Rhianna says that I should have listened to the warning message (there is no such message on the app, only on the phone IVR system) and she cannot do anything because I filled my account via refill PIN rather than by credit card. She then promised me her manager 'Michael' would call me back - but he hasn't. Oh, and someone is putting false notes on my account that they called me and explained all of this already (never had a call or vm).

I have attached screenshots about how your app looks when changing plans. No warnings - not a single one. I would never have changed plans on the date I did had I known your system could not handle them properly. Your call center staff agree that your prepaid system cannot handle many things properly, but I should not be the one to suffer.

How do I get the extra $45 back that Verizon took as duplicate? I don't want the money but I do want the credit. Why does your app and prepaid system not notify that this duplicate charge was going to take place? Why are you still letting people change plans on the app? Why are your call center staff lying to me?

Please can someone help?


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Re: Prepaid plan change - duplicate monthly charge taken

I just had the exact same thing happen and it is infuriating. Instead of apologizing for their computer system and crediting the account, they act like you did something wrong. And how do you contact someone who actually cares? They all seem to just parrot ridiculous excuses instead of owning up to the problem and doing something about it. Pathetic.