Prepaid question????

I purchased a Pantech prepaid phone for my son for Christmas and we chose the $1.99 per day access with what we thought was unlimited texting and now after having that since Christmas and when he put a new card on the phone it is charging him 2 cents per text.  Any ideas on what could be different or why it would be doing this?

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Re: Prepaid question????
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You have to pay for a text plan it is not included in the voice plan. The text plans are $10.00 per month for unlimited verizon to verizon and 250 texts for non verizon texts  (that actually is 125 sent and 125 received.) if you go over the 250 non verizon text it would then be 2 cents per text sent and 2 cents for each text received.  There is also a $20.00 text package and that includes unlimited texting for verizon to verizon and other non verizon texts.  You voice package and text packages are not tied together, they are separate packages. If you choose to not have a text package then its 2 cents per text sent and 2 cents per text received.