Purchased iPhone 14 Pro Max with $70 VZN Prepaid Plan on 02/11 - Still waiting on Phone Number Transfer and Activation
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I purchased a new Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max and the $70 Verizon Prepaid plan on 02/11. With this purchase, I requested that my current phone number with ATT Prepaid be transferred to Verizon. As of 02/20, nothing has been completed.

During the initial purchase checkout process on the Verizon website, it asked me for my account number with ATT Prepaid along with a  transfer pin. I didn't have the transfer pin at the time of purchase, but the website allowed me to continue with the purchase and said "We can reach out to you later to get the PIN".

On Wednesday 02/15 I received my new iPhone in the mail and completed the smartphone data transfer process from my old iPhone 6S to the new iPhone 14 PM, and it went fine. The only problem is that the phone is currently in SOS mode, and has no service or number assigned.

I assumed at some point Verizon would reach out or text me with the next step, but I've yet to hear from anyone. I also tried checking the status of any transfer request related to my phone number on the Verizon website tracker, and it says "Sorry, We couldn't find that number. This may be because it hasn't started yet."

I then called 888-844-7095 on Friday 02/17 to find out what was going on and talked to Trevor. Trevor couldn't find any information related to my phone number, so he forwarded me to the Port Center team. After 45 minutes on hold, it simply hung up on me.

On Saturday morning 02/18, I drove over to a local Verizon store, and they told me that they needed to get my account number and transfer pin from ATT prepaid in order to help me. I went to my car and called ATT Prepaid support and they provided me my account number (which I already had and given to Verizon during purchase) and then told me that a transfer pin isn't actually required from ATT prepaid, but if asked, you can use 000000. 

I then went back inside and talked to the person at the store, and they had a hard time believing that this number would work. Instead, the man tried to use the Verizon website tracker to look up my phone number to see if it was eligible, or to see if there was already a transfer request underway. Unfortunately, he couldn't get the website to provide an answer, as it just kept giving a spinning wheel, so the store referred me to call 888-844-7095, and wished me luck.

I then went home and called the number again, talked to another man, and explained the situation. He felt bad for me and looked up my phone number to check if there was a transfer taking place. He didn't see any information initially, so then he asked for my account number with Verizon, to which I said that I never received one after my purchase. Instead, he took my Verizon order number and the location code from the receipt that I received during the purchase.

After a few minutes on hold, he came back and sounded positive and said that it looks like it is in processing after all and that I may just need to give them another 24 hours for it to complete. I said "are you sure? what do I do if I don't hear back?", but he was confident that it would work out.

Since then I've heard nothing back, so today 02/20, I once again called the 888-844-7095 phone number and talked to customer service. I once again described the situation to a woman who answered and she simply said that she needed to forward me to the port center. I waited 30 minutes and talked to another woman there who listened to my situation and looked up my phone number but didn't find any transfer in progress. 

She then said that she would forward me to the Verizon Prepaid Tech Support Team, to which I waited on hold for 45 minutes before it hung up. I then immediately called back, talked to a person named Dan, and he felt that he should forward me to the Port Center, to which I waited for 23 minutes on hold before an automated message said that "Sorry we are now closed" and it hung up on me.

Could someone please help with this? Is it really that difficult to transfer a phone number from ATT Prepaid to Verizon Prepaid?

I can provide my phone number, Verizon Order number, Location Code, ATT Prepaid account number, or anything else that can help.

If it's not possible, then why can't any of these people I talked to just say that? Honestly, I would be willing to take a new phone number at this point so I can move forward. Either that or get a refund on my $1200 phone and additional expenses for prepaid services that I cannot use.

Thank you.

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I'm so sorry to hear you've been spinning in circles on this! We'd love to have you as part of the Verizon family with the number of your choosing. Let's take this to private message so we can collect your information out of the public view and get working on a resolution. 


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Just let us know when you have that Private Message.*Justin

Re: Purchased iPhone 14 Pro Max with $70 VZN Prepaid Plan on 02/11 - Still waiting on Phone Number Transfer and Activation
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Same EXACT ISSUE HAVE SPENT 7 hours trying to activate phone that was supposedly ported in by 3 different people who all have an excuse to transfer to another person or just hang up. They have taken my number from carrier I switched from and I have nothing and no way to work with a phone. This is insane . Please tell me you found a fix..