Questions about Customer Service and Prepaid Phones

Yes, I have had Straight Talk for over two years. The phone service its self was wonderful. I only came across three places within a 50 mile radios of not being able to get reception. After asking around I found out that Straight Talks service is through Verizon. Everyone I talk to says the Verizon Tower reception was the best. I have been waiting a total of 22 days for Straight Talk to send my replacement for my broken phone. I have had it and I am going to sell the phone on Ebay when I receive it. My service with Straight Talk ends in four days and I am really considering Verizon.. Wanting to do this over the weekend. I know if I purchase a phone from Verizon directly it will be shipped overnight.

The main thing I want to know is if Verizon has a Customer Call Center in the United States? Where I can speak to someone that speaks "Fluent" English and actually cares if I get good service or not.

I am older and I like basics with no change. So, these are the features I want on my new phone.

A phone with a 3 megapix are larger camera with video.

A phone with a touchscreen and a query keyboard.

I want a speak to text feature. The last phone had it but I have been told that a app can be put on a phone to do it if it doesn't have it..

I haven't never had any apps downloaded on my phone but still want options for some.

A phone that has GPS.

These are the main features I have got to have. Nothing else matters. Can anybody help a elderly old man find a basic phone with these features?

I would greatly appreciate any input from Verizon Users about Verizon's Customer Service Department and any suggestions for a good phone under $50. Of course I am not looking for necessarily a new phone with a lot of extras. Thanks and have a "Wonderful and Blessed Day". Chris

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