Refill card question.

I see that the pre-paid phones say $50 unlimited. Though my question is what card would you buy or how do you do that? Because I usually buy the 20 dollar unlimited texting cards. Might seem like a dumb question but need to know.

Thank you.(:

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Re: Refill card question.
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You can buy the $50.00 prepaid card.This is from the monthly plan website.

Data packages are not available on Feature Phones. All Smartphones/BlackBerry devices activated on Verizon Wireless Prepaid service require a subscription to a Monthly Prepaid Plan and Email/Data and Web service, both of which will renew automatically on the same date every month. If you do not have sufficient funds in your account to cover the monthly charges for your Prepaid Plan and Email/Data and Web service at the time of renewal, voice service will be available at the per-minute rate associated with your plan and all data services (including Picture and Video Messaging, email access and web browsing) will either be suspended (if you have a Smartphone or BlackBerry device).

†Per-Minute Rate After Allowance applies if customer has used all Anytime Minutes or has insufficient funds for their Monthly Access. Applies to voice calling only.