Renewed plan and not given amount of data I paid for
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I renewed my plan on Sept 26 and called to see if I could get the double your data plan like new customers. The rep said yes, he would apply any credits to my account to ensure I had the 16 plan instead of 8 high speed plan. I had already paid for the next month before I called and asked about the promo and the rep said they would give me some credit towards my account if I also signed up for auto pay. I did all that was asked but yet I'm now stuck with 3 high speed data which is almost out. I know I can call tomorrow but I needed the data specifically for a project I was doing tonight. My plan details were updated, I had a successful "double data" message on my account but the plan I paid for was never actually applied to my account and there is a $20 credit not applied to anything just sitting in my account. Of course I get messed up on a Saturday night when I thought I had it all planned out BEFORE the weekend 

Re: Renewed plan and not given amount of data I paid for
Customer Service Rep

I am sorry for the inconvenience this caused as we should have had it right form the beginning. I would be happy to take a closer look at the account details if still needed. I have sent a Private Note and will look forward to working with you further. YaleK_VZW