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I am getting very frustrated here, so am posting to hope that someone can help me...

I have a prepaid phone with Verizon. It broke, so I wanted to order a new one. I was told the best way to do that and still continue with Verizon was to order through the online store. However, the order screen does not allow you to complete the order without 1. playing the one month of service up front and 2. requesting a new number.

I did not want a new number, as I like my current one, and was worried that I would be double charged for the next month (July). So I contacted customer service and was assured 1. They could transfer the one month of service I have to pay to my current account and 2. They could transfer the new phone to my old number. All I had to do was call customer service back when I actually got the phone. Again, I was promised that I would not be double charged for July and I could keep my old number.

So I ordered the replacement phone and called customer service again when I got it. They were able to transfer my new phone to my old number. However, despite what I was told before, they said that they could not transfer that one month of service I paid to get the replacement to my current account. Instead, I would be charged that, and still charged for July. In effect, I would be charged for July twice.

I explained how this directly contradicted what I was earlier promised, and agent said that he was very sorry, but there was nothing that he could do, the best he could offer was a $5 credit. Excuse me? I am sorry, but that is not acceptable. I am being unfairly double charged for wanting to continue service with Verizon, the best that customer service can do is offer me a tiny credit? Which is not even a quarter of what I'm being double charged. I got frustrated and decided to end the call before I said something I regretted. I tried to call back today, in a calmer mood, and keep being told the line is down.

if i had none that Verizon was going to be so unreasonable about this, I would have switched to a different carrier. In fact, I am thinking about doing so anyway. Can someone please help?

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Customer Service Rep

Hi Eltan - You always deserve clear and accurate information! I apologize as we do not have access to prepaid accounts here. It would be best to reach out to our Prepaid department at 888-294-6804 to further discuss.

Thank you,

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