Roaming charges for incoming Verizon cell calls

I'm sorry if this has been asked but I didn't see it in the messages list...


I am on the .99/day, .10/min. prepaid plan using a Samsung Gusto. I'll shortly change to the new $50/mo. unlimited plan, but in the meantime, I need some clarification of Verizon's roaming charges.


I just got off a 50-minute call made to me by a friend in Madison, WI, who has a Verizon plan for her droid. Yet this call cost ME over $5. Coincidentally, it works out to about .10/min., which should be free since this was a Verizon-to-Verizon cell call. Or was this amount roaming charges? And if it IS roaming charges, why am I being charged for a call I didn't make?


And relative to switching to the $50/mo. unlimited plan, would I still be getting charged for incoming Verizon cell calls like I was on the above Madison, WI call?


Sorry to ask what I'm sure are pretty basic questions, but I'm starting to feel that no matter who I call or who calls me, I'm paying through the nose and I don't know how to control what I'm being charged. Being unemployed for the last 19 months means I need to be careful of every dollar spent.


Thanks for any help/advice you can offer.

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Re: Roaming charges for incoming Verizon cell calls
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On the 99 cent plan  it does not include nighttime minutes so after 9:59 pm the daytime minutes end and after 10pm the night time minutes are 10 cents extra per minute used.  Roaming charges are 20 cents per minute, and you would be told that you are roaming and asked if you agree to the charges so at that point you would have the option of disconnected the call. On the  $50.00 plan there would not be any extra charges for nighttime use, but roaming would be charged but only if you roamed out of the verizon area not because you were calling out of state.