Samsung Galaxy J1 + Old Person = HELP!!

I have more than one question.  I have looked and looked online for a user's manual or smartphones for dummies.  Neither search can answer my questions because all results are device specific.  The Verizon site does not even include the J1 as a device, just the J3.  I just bought and received this phone yesterday.  I have a Prepaid account for years and a couple contract accounts before that, so a long time subscriber.  But an old one.  And, apparently, stupid.

Where is a real device specific user guide which will direct me screen by screen how to do something.

My contacts list is on Verizon backup asst, my phone says it 100% synched, but no contacts on the device.

The screen dims too soon.  Stupid takes longer than 7 seconds.  User manual says choose settings.  There is nothing marked settings except for a specific thing.  No settings for the actual phone.

I don't even know how to make or answer a call.

Don't even ask about apps.  I have no idea.

But I am a retired paralegal.  I can read and understand.  I just cannot find anything to read that is device specific.  I bought the cheap phone because of this specific problem - I hoped it would be simple with no add ons.  And I don't even know if it is!!


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Re: Samsung Galaxy J1 + Old Person = HELP!!
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Don't be so hard on yourself. You've got this! Look on the right side of this page under the heading Related Content. There is a video called : How to Use Easy Mode on Your Samsung Galaxy J1.  Easy mode sounds like what you need to start off with.

Re: Samsung Galaxy J1 + Old Person = HELP!!

You can access support online   

LInk to site.   Samsung Galaxy J1