Samsung Smooth Prepaid Problem! Help!



I bought a Verizon prepaid phone from Walmarts and it's been working fine up until now.

I can't call out or recieve calls without getting a message from the "Verizon Wireless Message Center" with a thing that you have to listen to three frequently asked questions.

Well I listened to all three and it still won't go away, how do I fix this?

All I want to do is use the phone I paid for!

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Re: Samsung Smooth Prepaid Problem! Help!
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Community Leader

You didn't say what those 3 questions are....perhaps you have used up the minutes originally purchased with the phone?  Have they expired?  How long ago did you get the phone?


More details would help, like when it stopped working, how you purchase minutes/talk time, whether you have a messaging plan, whether you have moved recently or are trying to use the phone in a different location than normal....these all could be at the root of your problem.