Service Issues

So I recently transferred from AT&T to Verizon a few months ago because I was on my parents plan, and last night I was involved in a car accident not my fault of course nonetheless, I was stranded without a phone because my service literally just didn’t work. I don’t know why. I’m 20 and it’s literally the first accident I’ve ever been in. It was terrifying. I contacted a live chat representative and she told me I was lying because her screen told her my service was “good and excellent”. 

I’ve had numerous problems with Verizon. When I transferred i was told I’d pay $153.33 for the first month and $133.33 for every month after that. As shocking as it may sound I actually read the terms and conditions. That fee was listed nowhere and when I inserted my card information, it explicitly stated the previously mentioned numbers. They then tried to charge me a $100 activation fee... so after several weeks of contacting them everyday and arguing with them over and over they finally discounted it. (After I talked to approximately 9 different associates and even called them several times too). 

HOWEVER, I have the Get More data plan and thats suppose to include 30GB of hotspot... the hotspot doesn’t work no matter what I do. I actually transferred to Verizon for that reason as well. AT&T didn’t offer internet in my area. When asked they told me it should be working. I’ve looked it up and everything and nothing seems to make it work. 

It’s just been an utter mess. 

Has anyone else had these issues? Or does anyone have any suggestions? 

Re: Service Issues
Customer Service Rep

That's terrible to hear all the trouble you've gone through, and we want to ensure you have the full service you need. We hope you're doing after the accident, we'll be glad to help as much as we can. Please send us a Private Message to go into details with the account and service.