Slow 3G speeds on specific tower in Cedar Rapids, IA

I seem to consistently get very slow download speeds (200kbps or less) on the following Verizon cell tower in Cedar Rapids, pretty much all day (for certain 7:30am-5:00pm) at really good signal strength:

Station ID 4614, sytem ID 286, Network ID 1, MNC 480,  -74dbm signal strength

This is when using my cell phone from the following location.(removed) NE Cedar Rapids.

There appear to be several Verizon cell towers only slightly further away than this one but my phone always connects to this one from that location.

On other cell towers I can usually get > 800kbps and quite often above 1mpbs.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Legend Verizon prepaid phone (bought in the last 2 months)

Any idea how to get speeds more commensurate with the typical 3G speeds of 600-1200kbps?


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Re: Slow 3G speeds on specific tower in Cedar Rapids, IA
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We want you to enjoy the fastest possible speeds ghgemmer! I'm sorry to hear of the inconsistencies. Please contact Prepay Support directly from an alternate line at 888-294-6804.

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