Speed between prepaid plans.

I have tried service with two different phones. My signal is always low everywhere. And bad at work which is a low reception area. Others don't have as much problems as me 

I am on the 15gig prepaid. If I go to the next one up the unlimited. Will I notice better connections?

I can't afford the cheapest postpaid.

Pixel 5. Super slow at work, at times won't load anything. Can't use stores mobile app have to use the web.

Galaxy S23 plus. Can be faster and at times may not work. Uses 4g lte at work. Can use stores apps at work some times. 

My job used Verizon for salaried employees cell phones. 


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Re: Speed between prepaid plans.
Customer Service Rep

Hi there ! Appreciate you reaching out to us today. I would love to take a look at your account and review some better plans we can get you on right away. Just to confirm do you have Postpaid ,Prepaid ,or FiOS?