Still no solution
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I posted my number from one carrier to Verizon prepaid.  1. I was never informed that prepaid does not get the same coverage as postpaid as per a Verizon customer service rep.  2. I swipe to answer a call and it shows the call time counter but the dialing phone just heard ringing. It Nevers even hits voicemail.  3.  Callers go directly to my voicemail without even know I am receiving a call.  

Each one of these issues has been posted to here for several years.  I call tech support and each time they fill out a trouble ticket for engineers. They have me swap sim cards, reset network settings, and they punch keys on their computer and tell me it's fixed. I feel like prepaid is a joke and misleading.  Verizon it's time to resolve this.  

Re: Still no solution
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Are you in the USA?? I'v been a Verizon prepaid customer for well over a decade. Prepaid gets the same coverage in my 10 plus years. If you get 2 bars, your good to go. 1 bar works text just fine. Its a mobile phone, moving from place to place. Well you know what I mean. I live in a hilly remote area. Right on the MO/AR border. Still have albinos running around.

Did you call prepaid customer service? Nope! Do it yourself. Your trouble is:

"I posted my number from one carrier to Verizon prepaid."

Do you have an Apple or and android at home? Throw Apple away!! Do you have access to My Verizon via the Web or app. Web is better for fixing it yourself. 

Shut the phone off. Change your number via My Verizon web. Go somewhere you know you get 2 bars or better, steadily.  Turn the phone on. check in about phone to see if number updated. If not repeat shut off/on, wait a little bit before turn on giving account time to propagate.