Suggestions For Prepaid Service

When I bought a $80.00 for about 3 months, Verizon started a new plan that is called $70.00 a month.   The problem is that at the Family Dollar there are

no $70.00 cards to purchase so I can save $10 extra for other things.    When will this come into effect the $70 cards?      Also the availability of Verizon

prepaid cards are very limited around here in my local area and I don't want to pay for one online because of shipping costs.   I have already talked to someone in customer service about this, and he said post a message here.

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As long as your account balance is at least the minimum required for your monthly price plan, your plan will activate. You can use any card combination to put money on your account when you have a monthly plan on prepaid. (example: a 50.00 card and a 20.00 card would give you enough to activate the 70.00 plan.) Just make sure you request the new 70.00 plan before adding the money. Hope this helps.