Terrible Online Ordering System and Extremely Poor Support!
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I have had a prepaid plan with Verizon for a while now, without any problems (with Verizon you know it is only a matter of time before a small problem becomes something that no one can handle at Verizon). I decided to finally make the move to an Andriod phone, stepping up from the flip phone that has worked great for me (I am tired of everyone at work making fun of it). I went online to order a Samsung Galaxy Legend, since it was a better price than what WalMart price was for the same phone. First of all, you cannot place an order from your current Verizon Prepaid account for a new prepaid phone, so the only way to track the order is from the email that is sent to you after you place the order - and they dont tell you what phone number they are assigning to the new phone (I know that when Verizon screws up they do it in a big way, so I didnt want to switch the new phone to my old phone number until I actually had the phone in my hand, and I am so glad I did it this way!) The order was supposed to be processed immediately and shipped out next day if the order was placed before 4pm, which it was. I checked the order number, via the email they sent me, the next day to see that it still said processing. I waited until day two before calling. By the afternoon of day two the order still said processing, so I decided to call them up. What a mess that is! It is near impossible to get a live person on the phone to help you (you have a much higher chance of being able to purchase an Obamacare plan online than you do of getting a live Verizon rep. on the phone!!!) After about an hour of being put on hold and various reps telling me that I reached the wrong department (thank God that they actually transferred me to another live person instead of just hanging up on me - but still, many times I was transferred to the wrong person) I actually got a rep that seemed to know what she was talking about and kept coming back to me with answers after putting me on hold for only short periods of time. After being on hold with this rep. for about another hour I was finally told that either Verizon or FedEx screwed up and sent my phone to someone else in another part of the country, but that she would put a change order in to get it fixed (delivery of that phone had already been attempted when I checked the tracking number that the Verizon rep gave me - so I was very concerned that I was going to be paying for a phone that some stranger was going to get). The next day I checked the order number again online, and it still said that it was in processing - even though I am now led to believe that it is set to be delivered to the wrong person. Again, I tried to get a person on the phone at Verizon, and despite being given a "direct" number by the rep that helped me the day before, I still spent an hour and a half trying to get a live person. After being passed once again to various people on the phone I finally reached a rep that spoke with a supervisor and told me that two internet orders were mixed together, that I wasnt going to be charged for the phone that was listed as being delivered to another person, and that my order hadn't even been processed. As of today, 5 days later, my prepaid wireless order still shows "order is in processing". Terrible system, terrible service - BUYER BEWARE!!!

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Re: Terrible Online Ordering System and Extremely Poor Support!
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