Terrible customer service/Prepaid frustration
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Well, the start of my journey with Verizon Wireless started great. I stopped by the store on East Beltline in Grand Rapids just outside of the Woodland Mall; had the pleasure of working with James. He was very helpful and went the distance with customer support/service. He should be rewarded in some way for this. James set me up with an LG Optimus Zone phone and a $60.00 a mo prepaid account. When I got home, I got online to check out my account info on the Verizon Wireless website; I noticed the LG Exceed was available for $109.99 online. I went to purchase the phone by itself but, you also have to purchase minutes along with the phone. I did not need additional minutes but, I just wanted the phone. Someone on Verizon chat informed me that I could purchase the phone and the minutes and just return the minutes I purchased online at the Verizon store; so, I went ahead and did this.

I also informed James that I would be coming in to the store to go through with the changes. James said, sure bring everything in and we will fix it for you; however, when I went to the store James was not there. It was like I was in a completely different store. The service sucked. The gal I ended up talking to told me that she could not do any of what Verizon online chat reps told me that they could do. She said she could not refund the minutes I purchased online and did not offer any alternatives. I got vocal (not yelling) but, blunt in voicing my frustrations seeing as I was told I could make these changes. The Verizon rep (did not get her name but, trust me I will) then yelled at me. This in my opinion is uncalled for. Another customer spoke up and told me that I was out of line and that she was trying to help me. How was she trying to help me? She was doing everything but help me; and offered no alternatives as a solution. Further, if I am so out of line I guess it's a great deal to be stuck with two phones and $120.00 in prepaid minutes for one month. Yeah, I am in the wrong, whatever guy.

I hopped online and spoke with Verizon chat again and they told me that I could just transfer the minutes I purchased online to my current account. Perfect; this works for me. I also made a copy of my online chat; funny how according to Verizon policy they cannot disclose their last names; yet I can get the last names of anyone in the VZW store. You may fool me once but you won't fool me twice.

Anyway, I got to try the LG Exceed out for a couple days. Not impressed .It is SUPER SLOW and overheats constantly.

At this point I just want to speak with James, transfer the minutes I purchased online to my current prepaid account and return the LG Exceed for a refund (minus the restocking fee). Man. If only I could get $35.00 every time I restocked an item when I worked in retail.

Attached is a copy of the online chat I had with one of your representatives about transferring minutes to another account/credit or whatever you want to call it.

Another thing. If another VZW rep yells at me because I voice my dissatisfaction with the service I am receiving, you had better believe VZW will be looking at a BBB case from me. It's not a threat, it's a promise of action.

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I cannot activate my new phone LG Optimus Zone no matter what and I'm really getting frustrated to a point of no return!!!!!!!!!

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I can't activate my iPhone 4S and I now have paid for this month worth of minutes twice without being able to activate it. They need to be aware that this is happening and figure out what a useful solution would be because I spent 6 hours today between the phone and a store and the only straight answer I got at the end was "just wait" because my number is porting.