Tramsferring/porting numer from 1 prepad to another?

Hi I hope someone an help me on my question and if so what is it called to inform Verizon what  I'm wanting to do. I have a Verizon prepaid account that is active and my son and his wife is getting ready to activate his his own new prepaid Verizon account. He has used my number so long for his friends I'm needing to know once he activate his bring your own phone with a prepaid card and have a number assigned can my phone number be transferred/ported to his account and where I can get another random number provided by Verizon. He doesn't want  to use or take over my account, wanting to create his own with the double data being offered to new customers. I don't mind getting a new number and taking on a new one but wanting to know if it's possible to transfer or port  my  number to him to have if this possible. I hope someone can answer this question. I've tried to explain the best way I know how.  If it can be done, please let me know what its called so when he has his new account he or I can tell Verizon what I'm trying to do for him. Thanks a bunch, Robyn

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Re: Tramsferring/porting numer from 1 prepad to another?
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We want to ensure you get all of the information you need. We certainly want your son to be able to partake in the great data promotion. My concern is that in order to get the promotion, they do need to be new lines of service. If you move a phone number over to another account, that does not qualify it for the promo. You can check further with our Sales team at: 888-924-7937 to see if there is a way that would work. 



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