Trying to cancel service

I received a prepaid phone Samsung Gusto 2 with the $35 per month plan yesterday. After trying to use the phone, I found it is not very useful to me, as it is very hard to text on. I tried calling the numbers provided on the Verizon website and dialing 611 from the phone. Neither one gave me an option where I could talk to a representative. I'm getting very frustrated trying to contact Verizon. I'm currently with AT&T and was considering switching to Verizon due to them having better coverage in my area (Fort Mohave, AZ). Which was the reason I tried the prepaid phone, so I could test it out before I made the change from AT&T to Verizon. However, based on this experience of not being able to talk to a representative, I don't think I will consider the switch now. Doe anyone know how I can contact a Verizon representative?

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Re: Trying to cancel service
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I am sorry to hear you are not enjoying your experience with your Verizon service. We definitely want to show you all the reasons that being with us is beneficial. You should be able to contact our prepaid team at (888) 294-6804 or can contact our main customer service team at (800)922-0204. You can also let us know how we can help. If it is regards to a return it would need to go through the prepaid number. Let us know if you continue to have trouble and we would be happy to figure out another option to get a hold of you.

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