Trying to get a prepaid phone replacement...

Here's one for you, after spending hours on multiple issues, while trying to get a replacement device for my prepaid service to which I have been a customer for almost a decade, I end up being lied to several times and get charged $20 more than I should have, once I get transferred to the person who will get my issue resolved and refund my $20 I overpaid I'm informed that I was yet again lied to and transferred to someone who can not help me but hey at least that person got reported for lying, I'm still out my $20 bucks with a screenshot of Brigette admitting that I was [removed] right before she lied... What a day. Icing on the cake is the "helpful" agent, after reporting lying Brigette tells me to call a number to resolve this all, but my current device can't make calls, hence my need to replace my current device... I finally accepted that I will just have to eat the 20 bucks since I've at this point invested hours, as in 5-6 hours in to this nonsense with no resolution but plenty of deception and lies. To think I decided to buy from to avoid overpaying or wasting time.

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