Uhappy with plan

I recently went to a Verizon retailer called Russel Cellular to upgrade me and my wife's phones. I was on a plan called "The new Verizon Plan X Large 16 GB" for  90.00 total for both lines. The representative told me that there was a better plan that would save money and moved me to the unlimited data plan for 90.00/line. This ended costing me 90.00 more per month. All I wanted to do was buy new phones, not change plans. Getting ahold of anyone at verizon via the phone is impossible due to their automated assistant. And the online chat representatives completely fail to understand my problem. I feel like I've been misrepresented and at this point I am just considering paying off my new phones and switching providers. I'm very upset with the way I've been treated and how Verizon wireless treats their customers in general. 

Re: Uhappy with plan
Customer Service Rep

jkengland, our goal is to provide you with a great experience in every interaction, so we regret reading about the issues with the plan change. That is a significant price difference. We would like the opportunity to review the options for providing you with reliable wireless service at the best possible price to keep you with Verizon. Please check your Private Messages for assistance.