Unable to use data
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My phone plan renewed for all the lines in my account. Verizon happily deducted the funds, but for one of the lines we can’t use the data at all, which means no internet or ability to use iMessages. It has been more than a week and I have spent more than 15 hours between online chats, calling customer service, and going in to our local store for to only receive the most unsupportive customer support team. I’m paying for services that I’m not receiving and they promise callbacks and we have received nothing but a runaround. The SIM card is not reading correctly for whatever reason. We have done 1,000 restarts, reset the network setting 1,000 times, got a new phone number, did a factory reset on the iPhone, and had the SIM card replaced on the phone twice. No one can help. They tried to blame the sim reader in the phone, but my SIM card works in the phone so it’s obviously not it and when a new SIM is inserted and activated at the store it doesn’t work. Last time I had the employee out the new activated SIM card in a model phone on the floor and it wouldn’t work in that either. It’s obviously a problem with Verizon, her number/account, and the SIM, but no one is intelligent enough or capable of fixing it. I’m filing complaints because this is fraudulent by taking money for services not rendered in addition to the lack of customer service. I have never had such a terrible experience with any type of provider in my life. 

Re: Unable to use data
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We're sorry to read of your current service issues. You should have received a Private Note from us a few moments from us. Please reply there, so we can look further into this issue with you.