Unknown Texting Charges

I received a text yesterday mid-morning that said my balance was low. This confused me, since I knew I had over $15. I went to the home screen on my phone to look at the balance on the banner and sure enough. But the weirdest thing was that my balance was continuing to drop before my very eyes... every couple of seconds, it would drop by 2 cents. I wasn't using my phone for calling, texting, or anything! I turned my phone off and kept it off all day in an effort to stop the random charges.


Later, I checked my phone's usage on My Verizon. According to that record, I was being charged for "SMS- Incoming" texts all morning... but I didn't receive any texts or calls! I was unfairly charged a total of $11.32 for these non-existent incoming texts. I'm not at all pleased about this, and will be calling customer service in the morning to get my money back. Still, I'm curious as to whether or not anyone knows why this strange thing happened...

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Re: Unknown Texting Charges

Just by turning off your phone does not stop charges from any kind of charge, so what unless you block the feature of txting all together (this can be done from handset, *611, or calling CSR) you will contue to get charge for a service that is being use over the network. I recommend getting a $10 unlimited mobile VZW to mobile VZW or $20 unlimited txt bundle to help with texting charges.


there is no such thing as a "random charge" in prepay as you have to prepay to use the service


hope this helps.