Unlimited Mobile to Mobile

I've looked everywhere for something that says "Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile" is for Verizon customers/numbers only and I've found nothing.

I gave my prepaid phone to my boyfriend because I didn't need it anymore and his phone broke. Everything was great but then I recently changed my phone carrier and we would talk like we normally did then suddenly, it was out of money after 2 days when we just put $20 on it. I was shocked because just before that I looked everywhere for something that said M2M was for Verizon customers/numbers only and i couldn't find anything. I triple checked it and it clearly says "Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile" and nothing about it being for Verizon customers/numbers only.

I called Verizon and they said that the plan always charges for nights & weekends (not true!). I explained the situation 3 times to the lady. I don't think she'd been working there long because she had no clue what she was even talking about. She told me that it is "Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile" for me and my boyfriend except on nights & weekends. Makes no sense. I guess I'll have to keep working on it with Verizon. Hopefully they'll redeem some of our money and then update their plan details to show what "Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile" really means. Otherwise, we'll get a prepaid plan elsewhere.

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Re: Unlimited Mobile to Mobile

Are you on pay-as-you-go?  How much are you paying and is this a basic or smartphone?  I myself have the $45 plan with unl min and texts, 2GB data on autopay.  (1GB with NO autopay.)  Tax taters and all I pay $50.80 a month.