Unwanted Plan

My phone died yesterday and to get one online I was forced to add a data plan I don't need. There was no way to get any support on the website and I can't call because my phone doesn't work. I got another flip phone because they have proved themselves very durable. I don't need a data plan with this phone. When I first chose the phone I was shown the projected cost which was reasonable but when I got done the cost was over $40 a month higher. Also I was led to believe I could pick up the phone yesterday but when I finalized the deal I got an email telling me I would be notified when I could pick up the phone which still hasn't happened. It did say that if it was after 2pm it would be the next day. Well I placed my order before 2pm. I just want the plan I had on my old phone. Again I can't call, my phone doesn't work. When did Verizon mess up their website so badly?

Re: Unwanted Plan
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We are here to set you up for success. We have sent a Private Note, and look forward to working with you upon your response.