Upgrade to 4glte without data
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I have a grandfathered Alltel plan without data that I enjoy that was taken over by Verizon when Alltel was bought out which is a pay per minute rate. Since I don't use the phone much, not looking to upgrade to a data plan. But I am looking at cheap smart phones to continue my Verizon service. I would plan on only using WiFi data as most of the day I am at work in WiFi areas. But know that Verizon will be turning off non 4glte voice service soon.

Wondering if I can buy a smart phone, activate it on the grandfathered plan without needing a data plan or being forced into a higher tiered cellular plan.

Re: Upgrade to 4glte without data
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It is important that you are able to get a great value from your service with us, Mjr346. depending on the plan type, it may be necessary to change your plan in order to activate a 4G LTE device on it. For Verizon Prepaid plans, in particular, 4G devices have to be activated on a 4G plan. on Postpaid Verizon Wireless accounts, in most circumstances a simple Device ID Swap will normally be all we need to do to activate the device on your line. If you do need to change plans, there is a 0MB plan available on Prepaid, but the $40 5GB Plan will be less expensive with the Autopay Discount and the Loyalty discount, which is $5 after three months and $10 after nine months.