Urgent Please Help! No coverage in the Sylmar CA area?
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Hi, I recently bought a Samsung J7 2nd genration with Verizon Wireless's Prepaid 40 dollar plan with 3gigs of data.  I brought the phone home and noticed immediately all the problems.  I never get a bar, it's more like a DOT!  There were 2 incidences of the phone not calling out, recieving phone calls and unable to retrive voice mail.  I already gave their customer service 2 chances and they tell me the same crap.  To reset the network settings, well I did that twice and I woke up 2 mornings and dial my voicemail and there isn't even the clicking sound dialing out and there is no voice telling me to "Please enter my 4 digit password".  


This has happened twice and changing the network settings helped temporarly.  Today, I did tests all over my house.  I used my cell phone and my landline to do this.   Depending on where the phone is in the house determines whether a call A comes through at all, B goes straight to voicemail or C I get a message saying, "This number isn't in service.  This happens ALL THE TIME.


I'm looking for any suggestions on what to do because tomorrow I'm going down to verizon for a full refund.  I have determined after dealing with all 4 carriers that I JUST AM UNABLE TO HAVE A WORKING CELL LIVING AT HOME.

When I go there tomorrow, I'm telling them outright, you either fix the problem now because this is your last chance or give me my money back.. iNCLUDING THE FIRST 15 DAYS that service was off and on at best.

I'll check for replies in the morning, unless anyone can convince me of anything I can do (I'M NOT PAYING FOR TOWER EXTENDERS IN MY HOME EITHER) I'm literally going to give up on owning a cell phone until I get out of California.  As far as I'm concerned, I've tried T mobile for a month, ATT for a month and now the supposed best.. Verizon for one month with no luck at all.   

Can someone give me a reason to trust this so called best coverage again?  I'm looking for any reason to give them just one more chance.