Urgent help with prepaid phones?

We just activated a batch of new prepaid phones. They activated fine, but whenever we try to place outgoing calls, one or two rings in, we get an error message as if the call is to a wrong or disconnected number ("The call cannot be completed as dialed"). Halfway through this message will stop and the phone will continue ringing. This can happen twice in one phone call sometimes. It eventually reaches the number dialed, but it takes twice as long. I need to get this resolved ASAP. I've run *228 operations and even did some manual stuff with Verizon tech support, who basically threw up their hands and said they couldn't help me after a while.

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Re: Urgent help with prepaid phones?
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Dear Cholthelpme,

Good morning. Congrats on the purchase of new pre-paid devices. I am sorry to see that your experiencing difficulites you are experiencing when trying to make an outgoing call. Unfortunately, we only have access to post paid accounts. However, please fee free to contact our Pre-Paid Technical Support Team for further assistance at (888)294-6804.

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Re: Urgent help with prepaid phones?
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Is it every call you make that you hear the error message on? Can you dial *611 from the phone and hear the balance?--if not call 888-294-6804 from the cell phone and you should get a message from verizon about your account now being activated.

Other than the issue with Tech Support, Manual Programming was done with them i'm sure, Have you checked your Nam Settings (Menu > Settings and Tools > Phone > System Select) ensure it is on NAM 1, if its on NAM 2, change to NAM 1 and dial *22890.

Hope this was some-what helpful.

Best Wishes

Re: Urgent help with prepaid phones?
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yes you can dial *611 to get  your balance and there is no charge for that.also you  can turn the message off I think under the tools  on the menu section on the cell.